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After nearly being capsized and dying in New Quay (Wales, not Cornwall), we decided to get the hell out of that town and go and visit a beach instead- keeping our feet firmly on solid ground as we can. #beach #neardeath #jeez #soscared #icried #waves #sick #gah #stonehenge #relaxing #existentialcrisis #deepbreaths #ohman #sand #stones #sea (at The Beach in Llangrannog)

I’m off on holiday again

Fellow blogs and bloggers,

I shall be adventuring in the rural countryside and seaside of Wales until Sunday. I have not disappeared off the face of the Earth and I have all intentions to be back as soon as I can be. I’m not leaving anything to post because I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had any time to make a queue.

Farewell - until Sunday - I’ll see if I can find somewhere to charge my phone up when I get there (I’m camping) so it might be radio silence until the weekend.

Have a fab week, love to you all,


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